Adding fresh services to grow a business

Professional services businesses grow by adding services they can offer to existing and prospective clients. The journey from client suggestions to practical ideas to revenue-generating services is ambiguous at best. When everyday work comes first, making the time to pursue a foggy path is a burden, one that can be eased with outside help.

Challenge: Design a service to advise clients on content solutions while maintaining current well-regarded levels of primary service

Action: Conducted competitive research around content advisory, developed framework for service options and created a pathway to offer the service with current staff levels. Advised a slow evolution rather than a large launch, including nudging to sales and account management practices, mapping behavior changes by executive staff and offering the service to clients selectively

Result: Client is pursuing path with new clients, slowly evolving internal processes and augmenting training to elevate skills as demand increases

Researching to support major business decisions

Conducting research is critical to a solid product or service that customers are willing to buy and use. Often teams avoid doing research when it would benefit their decision-making. They are nervous to ask their clients questions, afraid that it will come across as desperate or uninformed. The opposite is usually true! Customers want help solving problems and happy to talk with someone about the issues.

Challenge: Extract sufficient information from a limited set of customers to augment competitive research, providing explicit direction to the team about a product's future direction and development choices

Action: Conducted more than a dozen interviews with executive decision-makers, using both pre-set questions and open-ended interview techniques. Research suggested clients viewed the product as redundant in the marketplace. Advised company to focus efforts on developing other products that clients deemed more desirable

Result: Company saved significant funds by cancelling next phase of development