Are you a private equity investor or business adviser frustrated with research calls?

  • You don't have enough time or resources to devote to doing the calls as well as you would like 
  • The picture that emerges from the discussions  is ambiguous or contradictory
  • The seller is protective of their customer list or there are other sensitivities that might mandate a neutral 3rd party
  • Interviews don't provide actionable insights
  • Information doesn't measurably impact attitudes or decisions

High quality in-depth interviews can provide timely and critical information in a confidential manner.  However, it takes training, practice and experience to produce the kind of information that is useful for business decisions. While an internal team can be brought up to par, it's not what they're expert in and probably not what interests them. In a time crunch, an important situation or to free up capacity, it might make more sense to find someone who does have the expertise, interest and experience.

I conduct customer calls for diligence on potential deals, customer deep-dives for business development, and enhanced scripts for those who want to DIY customer calls.

What should you expect from outsourced customer research calls?

  • Efficient and effective confidential support from an experienced and trustworthy interviewer
  • A clear impression of customer sentiment
  • Recommendations focus on strategic business needs
  • An inside story that profoundly affects mindset

What are some select projects I’ve delivered for companies before?

  • Worked with private equity-related professional services firm to identify expansion opportunities; evaluation resulted in pursuit of an acquisition
  • Conducted research with key clients for private equity-related professional services firm to assess go/no-go on additional investment into existing product
  • Evaluated strategic options for privately-backed education-based SaaS firm, including customer research, market trends, competition, and potential partners

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